Getting the Best Shot? Here are My Favorite Travel Photography Tips...

I am honored to be designated as USA Today/10 Best's "Travel Photography Expert." I only had 10 words to describe each tip in this list, and I hope these succinct tips can help budding travel photographers get the best shot.. I still use them myself on every shoot.

Getting the Best Shot---USA TODAY/10Best

Photographers Getting Their Best Shot, Galapagos Islands            ©Joanne DiBona

Photographers Getting Their Best Shot, Galapagos Islands            ©Joanne DiBona

This simple SLR Holder makes life easy for the scenic photographer

My husband Tony and I, who work together as a travel journalist team, were faced with a dilemma when we learned we would be traveling to the Galapagos Islands on a photo assignment.

It was time to make some changes.

We managed to ignore the frustration we’ve felt for years, annoyed at the “thump thump thump” of our Canon SLRs across our chests, as we hiked over rocks and crevices on our travels in search of the perfect scenic photos.  Strapping our cameras around our necks was okay for city tours, but the moment we got out into nature, we were constantly frustrated by the discomfort our SLRs caused during strenuous hikes. We were also ever fearful of damaging our equipment in the event of a slip and fall on a treacherous path.

There had to be a better way.

A short internet search later, we found the perfect SLR carrier, HoldSLR.


This ingenious holder attaches onto a belt or backpack, giving you immediate access to your camera when that perfect shot comes along. No more fumbling through your photo bag or backpack to find your SLR.  This camera holder allows you to access your SLR at a moment’s notice to capture those magical moments in photography that can truly disappear in an instant.

Our backpacks were not equipped with frontal straps, but we quickly determined that the HoldSLR worked beautifully strapped to the belts of our pants.

We can highly endorse this product! It is the perfect solution for field, landscape, wedding, adventure, and travel photographers who need to get to their camera quickly, and above all, comfortably.

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 Oceanside Beach  © Joanne DiBona

 Oceanside Beach  © Joanne DiBona