Light Feels Right, Especially When you Travel. Review of BZEES Travel Shoes

If you’ve been following my blog, you know my fondest word of advice to all you travelers out there is: TRAVEL LIGHT.  This means packing all your belongings in a carry-on which is small enough to stow on the plane in the luggage rack above you, and keeping your personal items (and any expensive gadgets) in a small bag that you can place underneath your seat.

I know many of you may balk at this suggestion, but my husband and I managed to tour Europe for 25 days in all weather conditions with our small carry-ons and backpacks. And were we ever glad we did! The sense of freedom to have just a small piece of wheeled luggage to accompany you on your travels is worth its weight in gold.

If you haven’t seen it, here is the link to our blog on this subject.

This is why I am constantly in the lookout for travel items that are super light and take up nominal room in a carry-on. The most challenging item, especially for us ladies, is packing shoes (to go with every outfit and activity) in limited space.

When I stumbled upon the BZEES website while searching “travel shoes,” I was intrigued by how they were marketed as super lightweight . But could they stand up to the rigors of travel?

In my desire to answer this question, I recently put a few pairs of BZEES travel shoes to the test.  The first thing I noticed was that they were, indeed, the lightest shoes I had ever experienced. This  is important because we often travel internationally and stricter weight restrictions on carry-on bags are enforced on intra-country flights.

As if this weren’t enough, they were also super comfortable, due to their free-foam foot beds, air infused outsoles, and dynamic stretch uppers. An added bonus is that they are machine washable, so important if you are off on a month-long adventure as you can just wash them in the hotel sink or laundromat.  Just remember not to put them in a dryer, as they need a natural air-dry to maintain their shape.

I easily packed a Knockout Sandal in my carry-on for a two-week press tour through California, and wore the Slip Ons on the flight (and wore them as well on all my hiking, biking and walking adventures, too.) The sandals were elegant enough to wear for more formal occasions, as well as for pool-side receptions, and the like.





Black Slip On.jpg

You may note that both of these shoes are black, which I find easiest to coordinate with all my outfits, but they do come in many colors. The key, however, to carry-on packing is to choose a color theme and only pack items that match this theme.



I haven’t tested out the Wink water shoe as yet, but will be doing so soon on an exotic adventure that includes lots of kayaking.  A special design promises to remove excess water easily, so that you are not bothered by “wet feet” –in any capacity—during your adventure.

Check out their web site at:  www.





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