What to Wear in Paradise--Joanne's Fashion Tips for Tropical Climes

Ladies, if you are traveling to a tropical destination anytime soon, let me share my favorite wardrobe suggestions with you. These items served me well during a recent 2-week trip through the Hawaiian Islands, both in a luxury hotel and on a boutique expedition cruise ship. 

Walk All Day in Comfort

Since it’s always a good idea to put your best foot forward, I’ll start with the amazingly comfortable and chic NAOT sandals, which had me walking on air during my two week sojourn in the Hawaiian Islands.

NOAB's Sara Sandal

NOAB's Sara Sandal

While I dislike hyperbole as much as the next person, I can honestly say that these, without doubt, were the most comfortable sandals I have ever had the pleasure to wear.  The secret lies in the construction of the footbed.  NAOT engineers its insoles with a blend of natural latex and cork designed to replicate the shape of the foot. The insoles also boast excellent arch and heel support, which no doubt also contributes significantly to their amazing comfort.

Whether trekking through Hawaiian trails, strolling through picturesque towns, or lounging by the pool, these super comfy sandals will keep your feet happy throughout the day and evening. Oh, and did I mention all this comfort looks fashionable, too?

It's also interesting to note that the NAOT sandal is considered the “shoe of peace,” as each shoe is handmade in Northern Israel by the joint effort of Israelis and Palestinians—all the more reason to consider ordering your travel footwear through this company.

Making a Fashion Statement

I guarantee you’ll feel like a Hawaiian princess in any of the designer dresses and separates available in the Shahida Parides collection of resort wear.  I know I did, each time I slipped into my gorgeous poppy red lace-up kaftan. Renowned designer Shahida combines the latest fashion trends with her signature bold patterns and bright colors, and there’s no question you will make a fashion statement in any of her unique and beautifully crafted clothing items.

Making a fashion statement on board UnCruise Adventures' Safari Explorer, off the coast of Mauai

Making a fashion statement on board UnCruise Adventures' Safari Explorer, off the coast of Mauai

My dress, designed to be worn three ways (V-neck, off-the-shoulder, and strapless gown) served me beautifully for a variety of occasions--from lunch on our hotel terrace to an elegant evening reception on the beach, as well as for other casual activities in between.

Hand-made of exquisite silk crepe fabric, with sparkling beading embellishing the bodice, the kaftan was as delightful to wear as it was to care for. A hand wash and hang to dry was all it needed to regain its fluidity and good looks.

What I especially loved about this dress is that I didn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. This is the ultimate dress solution for women of any size and age who want to be comfortable, fashionable and chic.

And I can’t count the number of compliments I enjoyed each time I stepped out in this beauty. 


Good Looks and Versatility

Comfort, good looks and versatility don’t often go hand in hand, which is why I can highly recommend the Blue Ginger line of clothing. The company has been selling exclusively- designed resort wear in Hawaii for over 30 years, so it’s no surprise they’ve come up with the perfect solution for the island visitor.

Two indispensable clothing items--a full-length flowing dress and a short sleeved top that reached mid-thigh--became my best fashion friends during this voyage. As an added bonus, they took up almost no room in my carry-on bag, the only piece of luggage I bring along on all my trips.

The quality of Blue Ginger's fabric is superb and feels light, smooth and silky against the skin, even under the hot tropical sun. Even after several washings, the items maintain their color (the rich blue ginger pattern is achieved through a unique Batik dying process) and need no ironing.

Talk about versatility.  It was amazing how many times I wore my short sleeve top for a variety of scenarios. It served as a swim suit cover-up, a sun protector while kayaking, a lounging jacket, and as a quick outfit over leggings for stepping out to a casual dinner.

Living the Aloha Lifestyle, Hanalei Bay, Kauai

Living the Aloha Lifestyle, Hanalei Bay, Kauai

My elegant Blue Ginger dress also served me well when the occasion was a bit more formal. It was perfect for several social engagements on land, as well as for the dinner evenings aboard our Hawaiian Island cruise.

Check out the Blue Ginger web site for resort attire and accessories for the whole family.


Disclaimer: Please note that the opinions expressed in this article are strictly my own. I was not compensated by the companies represented in my reviews, nor will I receive any future compensation based on sales arising from my recommendations.

My goal is to share regular, unbiased reviews with my readers for products that make travel more comfortable and efficient.