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Italian Ambiance on the Southern California Coast

    The Southern California coastline is dotted with luxury resort properties ready to welcome leisure and business travelers-- such as the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point.



Photo Tour of the "Discovery of King Tut" Exhibition at San Diego's Natural History Museum

     From October 11, 2014 to April 26, 2015, residents and visitors to San Diego will have the opportunity to go back in time 3,000+ years to experience the discovery of the tomb of the legendary 18-year-old Egyptian King Tutankhamun, aka King Tut.

                                              PHOTO SLIDE SHOW OF THE EXHIBITION


© Joanne DiBona

     Making its West Coast debut, the breathtaking exhibition presents a recreation of the legendary boy king’s tomb and treasures exactly as they were discovered by Howard Carter in 1922.
     Because the fragile originals are no longer permitted to tour outside of Egypt, this exhibit features 1,000 scientifically-produced replicas hand-crafted by Egyptian artisans.
     For those who might hesitate to view less than the "real" thing, rest assured that this exhibit will definitely not disappoint, but vividly bring ancient history back to the 21st Century.
    As pointed out by Mark Lach, creative director at Premier Exhibitions, Inc., presenter of the exhibition, "Because we are using recreations of the originals, we are able to stage the exhibit to replicate the astonishing discovery of the tomb by Howard Carter in every detail, something that wasn't possible up to now." 
     Sure enough, the visitor is taken through scenes that exactly replicate what Carter and his companions must have viewed in their initial entry into the tomb, in every detail, and through every chamber leading to the discovery of King Tut's magnificent, multi-level sarcophagus. Audio tour equipment augments the visitor experience.
     For more information on this exhibit, call 619.232.3821 or visit
© Joanne DiBona

Getting the Best Shot? Here are My Favorite Travel Photography Tips...

    I am honored to be designated as 10Best/USAT's "Travel Photography Expert." I only had 10 words to describe each tip in this list, and I hope these succinct tips can help budding travel photographers get the best shot.. I still use them myself on every shoot.

    Photographers, Galapagos Islands


Elkhart Lake: Wisconsin's Historic Playground

The state of Wisconsin is filled with charming, historical visitor destinations, such as Elkhart Lake.

Please enjoy my USA Today photo show on this delightful town.

The historic Osthoff Resort, Elkhart Lake Wisconsin




Scenic Photo Tour of the Beauty of Maine

I hope you enjoy this USA Today Travel photo tour of the glorious images of Maine, from my eyes to yours!