Greetings from San Diego, California....truly one of the most beautiful places on earth!

After a long professional career as Director of Communications with the San Diego Tourism Authority, I currently serve as Travel Photography Expert contributor for Media Group at USA TODAY. I also work as a freelance travel writer, with print and web publications around the world featuring either my travel articles or photography, or a combination of the two. 

I work together with my husband Tony DiBona, who assists me with photography and videography on all our press trips (and plots our itinerary, gets me where I need to be, and carries my heavy photo bags and tripod). 

My specialties include outdoor adventure, cultural tourism, cruising, urban experiences, theatre and restaurant reviews, and active mature travel options. I am an accredited member of the esteemed Society of American Travel Writers (SATW).  I was recently honored with a first place award in the recent 42nd Annual San Diego Press Club Excellence in Journalism Awards in the category Daily Newspapers & Websites/Travel. 

As a side note, please know that I only write articles based on  personal experience and photography at any destination. When you read my travel accounts, it will NOT be based on someone else's description and/or photography. It will be an honest appraisal of my own personal experiences during my travels. What you see in our photos and description is a first-hand report of our experiences, and always an honest appraisal of our experience at a travel destination. 

Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to help destinations around the world attract visitors through a well-written and photographed travel article. I have every hope this site and blog will stimulate interest in traveling to the destinations I write about and encourage dialogue and exchange of ideas among my readers.

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